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Yoga At The Bar And The Cat? Quad-city Courses Become More Flexible

Yoga At The Bar And The Cat? Quad-city Courses Become More Flexible: Which do you think is more relaxed: the cat that hovers over your curved body or holds a beer in its hand to find the balance?
No matter what you like, there are yoga exercises.

In Quad-Cities, following the health trends in big cities, yoga classes are no longer limited to the walls of typical practice or traditional study spaces.

So far this summer, yogis practice in the room where Figge Art Museum, Davenport ping pong tables practice between the barn and horses armored gardens of the outdoor terrace. Yoga for cats and yoga for dogs (or “doga”) also happen here every week.

All these products pose a question: What is the use of these alternative yoga exercises?

Not so daunting
According to yoga instructor Davenport Karah Rehnberg said, the short answer is: “When you come from a yoga studio, you will encourage more people to come, as well as those who may feel uncomfortable in a normal yoga class. people “.

Nora Coyne-Logan, who is teaching yoga at Armored Gardens this summer, said yoga studies can be “very intimidating for people.”

“Things like this, it’s more informal,” she talked about yoga in the garden. “They said: ‘I want to do yoga, go out with my friends and have a beer.'”

In the coaching experience, if yoga takes place somewhere in the comfort zone, beginners are more willing to try yoga.

Saturday morning, Ryan Berg (Rehnberg) in Davenport (downtown Davenport) the second street (Iowa State) and nine of Iowa (current Iowa) from the top of the hotel’s rooftop bar held a complete Directional yoga class

Rehnberg said the course has an unparalleled landscape on the Mississippi River, usually with a breeze, and also teaches hot yoga at Indigo Wellness.

This situation often eliminates any unsafe factor associated with yoga.

“I hope everyone knows that you do not have to be flexible,” he said. “It’s more about calm down, make your body and connect your breathing to your movements.”

Cat and barn, but without goat
For some people, it is easier to practice yoga instructors in a comfortable bar or brewery. This is the idea behind Bends & Brews, a yoga class that took place on Thursday and Sunday at Front Street Brewery in Davenport Cargo Building.

Then, there is cat comfort during yoga.

Karen Winter, a 55-year-old trainer, organized a yoga class for cats for more than a year at QC Paws at the Moline animal shelter.

“Let the cat illuminate the environment,” he said. “It brings fun to the classroom, Yoga means relaxation, which makes it easier.”

About 10 years ago, Winter began practicing yoga to control the pressures, like her cat lovers, this course – you can quickly stop cuddling there, cats often people lying on their stomachs or sleeping on a mat It’s yoga – you need pressure to lighten a degree.

“At first, some people thought we were going to let the cats do yoga and I just said, ‘No,'” Winter said. “They just interacted and felt the atmosphere, I have not seen a cat make a dog down.”

She also often asks the question: “Do you do goat yoga?”

Venter said he would, but until then, the yogi can venture to Palo, Iowa at about 95 miles west quarter of the city, where cocoa ranch regularly out “Goat Iowa Yoga Course

“Yoga likes to do yoga anywhere,” Winter said. “We use this.”

Anywhere includes a barn at the Hanover Ranch in Davenport, where 25-year-old trainer Angela Meyer offers courses for all and services for riders.

During Google yoga, as Meyer says, he addressed a group of 10-20 people attended the basic course, just near the horse stables and yoga mat on the stable floor just.

“For me, a barn is like you can be the quietest place,” he said. “About everything I really like about the barn, for many people, this is their second home.”

This can be a place of more natural practice. “This is not a cup of tea for everyone compared to a yoga studio,” Meyer said.

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Meyer said that traditionalists may worry that the outdoor work class undermines the “serity” of yoga.

But Meyer is more focused on “making everyone more accessible.”

“This is a very important practice, but it is very important that we can send it to most people,” he said.

‘Yoga has changed my life’
Coyne-Logan took her yoga class for the first time and did not like it at all.

“I’m confused, lost and I feel like I do not know what I’m doing