汤姆·沃纳, 首席执行官和董事会主席



彼得aschenbrenner作为企业战略和业务发展,负责推动公司战略,并购和业务活动的SunPower公司的执行副总裁。此前,他是公司的营销和销售副总裁,他在那里建立了SunPower公司的品牌和监督了业界首个经销商网络程序的开发。之前加盟SunPower公司公司,aschenbrenner担任astropower全球业务的高级副总裁,INC。,太阳能产品制造公司。他拥有超过35年的太阳能行业经验,包括在西门子太阳能管理职位,光伏电气有限公司和阿科太阳能。 aschenbrenner毕业于斯坦福大学,1978年与文学士学位,在产品设计学士学位。

 彼得aschenbrenner, 执行副总裁,企业战略和业务发展



肯·马哈菲 is executive vice president and general counsel for SunPower with responsibility for the company’s global legal organization. He is an accomplished executive with more than 20 years’ legal experience. Mahaffey joined SunPower in 2006 as a founding member of SunPower's Legal Department. During his tenure, Mahaffey has managed attorneys and professionals around the globe who handle all legal, contract, regulatory and compliance matters in support of the 公司’s three core business segments. He has also provided lead support for SunPower’s corporate functions, including finance, M&A, marketing, policy and communication. Mahaffey has deep expertise in renewable energy law, finance, corporate governance and compliance matters. Before joining SunPower公司, he worked as an attorney in private practice managing a variety of commercial and litigation matters. Mahaffey has a Bachelor of Arts degree from University of California, San Diego, 和 a Juris Doctor degree from McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific.

肯·马哈菲, 执行副总裁兼总法律顾问



南阮 is executive vice president at SunPower responsible for sales, development, marketing, and execution of SunPower’s commercial business through both direct and indirect channels. Most recently, Nguyen oversaw SunPower’s power plant business in Latin America, driving approximately one gigawatt of contracted pipeline and $1.5 billion in revenues. She joined SunPower公司 in August 2013 as vice president of strategy and new market development. Previously, Nguyen was vice president of global business development at First Solar where she developed and financed approximately four GW of project assets, including raising $8 billion of financing. Prior to First Solar, Nguyen was responsible for corporate development at OptiSolar, where she raised $300 million in venture funding and eventually led the sale of OptiSolar to First Solar. Nguyen spent five years in investment banking focused on corporate finance and M&A. Nguyen has a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from Columbia University, a Master of Business Administration degree from Harvard University, 和 was a Fulbright Scholar.

南阮, 执行副总裁兼总经理,商用太阳能



道格拉斯学家理查兹作为SunPower公司的执行副总裁,管理。在此期间,他负责领导所有的人力资源(HR)的举措,全球信息技术(IT),环境,健康和安全的服务和公司设施的组织。之前加盟SunPower公司公司,理查兹是为selectbuild人力资源及行政副总裁,bmhc的$ 1.8十亿全资子公司,服务于前25大批量建设者19的公司。此前,他曾在BlueArc公司进行了战略位置,康柏计算机公司和苹果电脑公司。理查兹拥有超过21年的经验,产品开发和带动关键人力资源计划为财富100强企业和风险投资支持的初创企业。他从加州州立大学奇科分校毕业,在公共管理学士学位。

道格拉斯学家理查兹, 执行副总裁,管理

manavendra SIAL


Manavendra (Manu) Sial serves as executive vice president and chief financial officer (CFO) for SunPower公司 Corp., where he leads the company's treasury, project finance, investor relations, financial planning and accounting organizations. Previously, he served as CFO for VECTRA, a $1 billion technology-driven diversified industry business, which was a portfolio company of certain funds managed by affiliates of Apollo 全球 Management, LLC. Prior to VECTRA, Sial was with SunEdison in various global finance and operations leadership roles from 2011 to 2015, including CFO of MEMC's solar energy and materials divisions. He also spent 11 years with General Electric (GE) in a variety of roles, from FP&A leader for the Energy Services unit to CFO of Power Delivery for GE's Transmission and Distribution group. He earned his MBA from Duke University's Fuqua School of Business 和 his Bachelor of Commerce from Delhi University in 印度.

manavendra SIAL, 执行副总裁兼首席财务官



规范taffe作为SunPower公司的执行副总裁,北美住宅。他负责领导的住宅业务,管理销售,市场营销,工程和金融产品的开发。在接合之前SunPower公司,taffe在宽范围的角色了23年在柏半导体。他过去的七年中有花的消费和计算事业部的执行副总裁,管理350多名员工和$ 4亿的收入。除了他在SunPower公司公司工作,taffe是两家上市半导体公司的董事会成员,集成设备技术和DSP集团。他也是圣克拉拉县的非营利第二收获foodbank的董事会成员。 taffe拥有科学学位的电气工程密歇根大学学士学位,并完成了他在哈佛大学管理发展方案。

规范taffe, 执行副总裁,北美住宅



杰夫·沃特斯 leads the SunPower Technologies business unit which includes the company’s global manufacturing, research and development (R&D) and SunPower Solutions group. An experienced 全球 Business, Operations and Sales Leader, he joined SunPower公司 in January 2019 from Isola, where he worked from Silicon Valley as the company’s president and CEO. Prior to Isola, Waters was senior vice president and general manager with Altera Corporation and also with Texas Instruments/National Semiconductor in both the U.S. and 日本 for 18 years in a variety of executive positions, including global sales. Waters holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the University of Notre Dame, a master’s degree in engineering from Santa Clara University 和 an MBA from Northwestern University.

杰夫·沃特斯, CEO,SunPower公司公司的技术

vichheka Heang所


vichheka Heang所 serves as corporate controller and principal accounting officer for SunPower, where she oversees all accounting operations, income tax accounting and financial reporting functions. She joined SunPower in March 2017 as its senior director of technical accounting and financial reporting. Prior to SunPower公司, Vichheka worked for four years at Atmel Corporation, which was acquired by Microchip Technology in April 2016, leading the technical accounting, financial reporting and accounting policy functions and most recently serving as its assistant corporate controller. Earlier in her career, she spent a decade in various roles at Deloitte & Touche in the audit and assurance practice. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at San Jose State University, 和 is a Certified Public Accountant.

vichheka Heang所, 公司的控制器和首席财务主管